When a disgraced city-boy is released from prison after being convicted of insider trading, he tries to rebuild his life in his home town and reconnect with his estranged wife and child. Unable to return to the city he finds manual work in the kitchen of a local restaurant. Returning to the boxing club where he trained as a teenager, he learns of a £10k winner-takes-all unlicensed boxing match and challenges the undefeated prizefighter for a chance to win the cash.

Principal photography took place in March 2023, with additional shooting in May and June 2023. The final block of shooting was completed in March 2024.

Made on a  low budget with a hugely talented cast and crew, I am incredibly proud of what we achieved.

Stay tuned for updates on completion of the film!

Five Cars

Five Cars is a contained heist movie that takes place in and around five different cars that the protagonist occupies as he comes out of prison to take part in a heist on a private bank.

Five Cars has been optioned and is aiming for a 2024 shoot.



When a group of travellers come across battle-weary barbarians, a brutal fight ensues to determine which will pass.

Award-winning action fantasy short film - on it's festival run in 2024.


On the night of his election, a US congressman receives tragic news just before he makes his victory speech. In the moments that follow he reveals the truth about himself, his campaign and American politics.

Life's a Beach

On a deserted beach in Australia, an English girl recieves some life lessons from a local surfer.

Town vs Gown

A former soldier suffering from PTSD returns to his home-town of Cambridge, England. To prove he can still fight he signs up for the Town vs Gown boxing match against the University Boxing Club.

A Walk in the Woods

On the day of his wife's funeral, and old man revisits a place from his childhood and comes face to face with the past.